The LaserLab Experience

The LaserLab Experience in Lake Mary

While laser technology has commonly been used for cosmetic treatments, today its uses are expanding beyond aesthetics. Therapeutic lasers can be used to go deeper into the tissues to stimulate healing and revitalization.

At LaserLab™, we use the cutting-edge technology of the Summus Laser along with a wide range of other healing and revitalizing treatments to target different concerns and conditions. These treatments are offered in a spa-like setting that promotes overall health and wellness. With customized treatments that suit the unique needs of each of our patients, we seek to help you be more engaged in your everyday activities, perform better in competitive situations, and enjoy many healthy and pain-free days.

The LaserLab Experience

A major part of the LaserLab Experience is treatment using the Summus Laser. This class IV laser can be used to treat chronic pain, acute pain, neuropathy, and more. With the Summus Laser, we can treat superficial concerns while getting to the root of deeper types of pain, such as that caused by muscular and ligament injuries. We also focus on improving your health so that you can have a better quality of life without pain. 

The other part of the LaserLab Experience is our spa-like amenities and proprietary revitalizing enhancements that are designed to create a relaxing and healing atmosphere. This can help further your specific health and wellness goals. You can experience total body relaxation during your treatment in our revitalization rooms.

What to Expect From Your LaserLab Experience

When you come in for the LaserLab Experience, you can expect a fully customized treatment that addresses all your concerns. With each treatment, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Relaxation waterfalls
  • Oxygen-infused rooms
  • Stim machines
  • Hydration stations
  • Red light therapy beds
  • Free revitalizing aromatherapy
  • Soothing and revitalizing music

During your treatment, you will have access to treatment rooms equipped with adjustable tables that have comfortable face cradles. These tables further support your comfort during treatment. We also use AI robotic laser precision technology to target your specific needs and concerns and provide you with the highest level of accuracy.

Customizing Your Experience With Flexible Packages and Memberships

While you can take advantage of all the relaxation and health optimization treatments we offer, we recognize that your situation is unique. To account for differences in conditions and concerns, we offer a customizable LaserLab Experience with flexible treatment options, packages, and a unique membership model. 

We have a variety of choices, including maintenance packages, neuropathy packages, and sports medicine options. We can continue to work with you as your condition improves, adjusting your treatment plan as needed.

Learning More About the Summus Laser

The Summus Laser uses an advanced class IV laser therapy device to address many types of medical and health concerns. The Summus Laser is both high-powered and gentle on the skin and can be customized according to your needs. 

The power output of the laser is adjustable to target different medical conditions. The laser assists your body in restoring itself by stimulating blood flow, boosting the immune system, improving lymphatic drainage, and encouraging increased nerve function and repair.

Understanding Laser Wavelength and Laser Power

The power a laser produces is measured by how fast or slow the energy leaves the device to target a treatment area. Unlike lasers of lower classes, the class IV Summus Laser can be adjusted according to the target area being treated, the condition, and your needs. 

This adjustability means that we can treat your concerns safely, effectively, and accurately without causing damage to surrounding tissue. We can effectively treat superficial complaints or provide healing for smaller individuals by using a lower dosage.

Wavelength is another important feature of the Summus Laser. The specific wavelength used in treatments positively affects tissues and helps with cell growth and replication and cell repair. This laser can also stimulate acupuncture points and promote muscle relaxation.

The Summus Laser vs. Light Therapy Treatments

The Summus Laser and light therapy are two separate types of treatments that each offer unique benefits. Alongside our laser therapy, we also offer red light therapy beds. There is much to gain from this treatment, including reduced inflammation, increased collagen production, improved muscle tissue health, and much more. 

Although red light therapy offers many benefits, the Summus Laser provides more consistent and measurable results. That’s why we offer both treatments.

What Can the Summus Laser Treat?

There is a range of health concerns that can be treated with our advanced laser technology. It can help reduce pain from many types of injuries and conditions, including sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, motor vehicle accident injuries, sciatic pain, sprains, arthritis, and more. 

It can also help with symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy, migraine headaches, ear infections, and surgery recovery. Additionally, we offer regenerative treatments that work with our laser treatments to shorten your recovery time and enhance the results you achieve.

What to Expect From the Treatment Process

Treatment with the Summus Laser is pain-free and often described as being soothing and enjoyable. You may experience warmth in the treatment area or mild tingling sensations. Following your treatment, you may experience mild sensitivity in the area before the pain is reduced, especially in cases of inflammation.

How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need?

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your medical conditions and health concerns. We can then design a tailor-made experience for you. 

Depending on what you wish to treat, you might benefit from four to six treatments performed daily. This is typically recommended for acute medical conditions. However, you will likely need about six to 12 treatments, as well as maintenance appointments, to effectively manage a chronic medical condition.

When Will I Notice the Treatment Results?

Some people experience results immediately after treatment for acute or chronic pain. However, results are more commonly seen after several treatments as the laser provides cumulative results and promotes overall well-being rather than just treating symptoms.

Schedule Your Appointment With Us to Improve Your Health

At LaserLab™, we offer an innovative approach to addressing medical conditions and health concerns. With cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, we provide personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our LaserLab Experience combines powerful laser treatments with a relaxing environment to provide the best possible care. If you want to know more about our services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.