Living with chronic or acute pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your daily life from work to leisure activities. This type of discomfort often leads people to seek out various treatment options, but many are dissatisfied with temporary or potentially harmful solutions. 

At LaserLab™ in Lake Mary, FL, we have a different approach. We use the advanced technology of the Summus Laser to provide medication-free, non-surgical treatment plans that aim to address the root cause of your pain. Our mission aligns with a commitment to ease your suffering effectively and responsibly. Leveraging cutting-edge laser therapy, we offer a new avenue for achieving meaningful, long-lasting relief from pain.

What Is Pain Management?

Pain management is the medical discipline focused on reducing discomfort and improving the quality of life for those suffering from chronic or acute pain. At our pain management clinic, we use an integrated approach that combines advanced technology with holistic wellness practices. Rather than simply masking the symptoms with medication, we identify and treat the underlying causes of your pain and then regenerate tissue and reduce inflammation to give you more sustained and long-term pain relief.

What Types of Pain Do We Treat? 

Chronic Pain

When it comes to enduring, long-lasting discomfort, you need a pain management doctor who understands the complexities of chronic pain management. We treat various conditions that result in chronic pain such as arthritis, disc degeneration, and migraine headaches, to name a few.

Acute Pain

Sudden pain resulting from injuries or medical conditions can significantly disrupt your life. As your trusted pain management specialist, we focus on helping you heal faster so that you can avoid developing chronic conditions after an injury.


Experiencing nerve pain can be frustrating and limiting. At our clinic, we specialize in pain management techniques aimed at alleviating the symptoms of neuropathy, using both laser technology and holistic approaches to stimulate natural healing.

Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who simply likes physical activity, sports injuries can put you on the sidelines. Our approach to advanced pain management includes treatment options specifically designed for sports-related injuries, aiming to get you back in action as efficiently as possible.

What Type of Pain Management Do We Offer?

Summus Laser Treatments

At LaserLab™, we incorporate the cutting-edge technology of the Summus Laser into our advanced pain management protocols. This laser therapy can be an integral part of both acute and chronic pain management plans. The Summus Laser works to reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue repair, providing a non-invasive, medication-free option for those seeking comprehensive and effective relief from pain.

What Is the Summus Laser?

The Summus Laser is a class IV laser device, recognized for its capacity to penetrate deep into tissues. This allows it to target the root causes of both acute and chronic pain, providing a revolutionary approach to advanced pain management.

How Does the Summus Laser Work?

The Summus Laser uses photobiomodulation to stimulate cellular metabolism, promote muscle health, and reduce inflammation. Through this process, the laser can accelerate tissue growth and repair, offering a non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution in chronic pain management. One of its primary benefits is its anti-inflammatory action, which can effectively treat conditions causing acute and chronic discomfort. Its unique capabilities extend to enhancing blood circulation in the treatment area and promoting long-term reduced inflammation, allowing for a more sustainable healing process.

Why Choose Us for Pain Management? 

  • Complimentary Aromatherapy: Our pain management doctor can enhance your treatment experience with complimentary aromatherapy, designed to promote relaxation and aid in natural healing.
  • Soothing Music: When it comes to pain management, a calm environment can make a significant difference. We offer soothing music to put your mind at ease during treatments.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Tables: Your pain management specialist ensures your comfort with adjustable treatment tables, allowing for optimal positioning during laser therapy.
  • Customizable Laser Treatments: Our laser treatments are completely customizable and can be used for young patients, aging patients, and everyone in between. 
  • Red Light Therapy Beds: For a truly comprehensive pain management experience, we also offer red light therapy beds that can work in tandem with laser treatments to further enhance tissue healing and reduce inflammation.

What to Expect From Your Pain Management Treatment


Your first step in the treatment process is a comprehensive consultation. Here, we discuss your symptoms, the type of pain you’re experiencing, and your overall health condition to evaluate the best treatment options for you.

Developing a Treatment Plan

When it comes to pain management, you want the plan to be designed just for you. Everyone will have a different plan. Acute pain typically requires four to six sessions, while chronic pain may require six to 12 or even more sessions for effective treatment. For severe chronic conditions like arthritis, you may benefit from ongoing regular treatments to maintain long-term pain relief.

When Will I Notice Results?

In comprehensive pain management, results can differ from person to person because pain experiences are unique. Some patients may notice immediate relief after the initial treatment, but it might take three or four sessions for others to feel noticeable results. During your initial consultation, we will discuss what you can realistically expect from your personalized treatment plan.

Pain Management Solutions for Chronic and Acute Pain

Managing your pain effectively is crucial for a better quality of life, and at LaserLab™ in Lake Mary, FL, we are committed to providing you with cutting-edge pain management solutions. We are ready to work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. To take the first step toward relief, give us a call at (407) 999-6625 or fill out our online form today.

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