Swollen Muscles: When to Seek Medical Attention

Medical Attention

You just hit a hard workout, and your muscles feel like they’re screaming for attention. You might notice muscle swelling, extreme soreness, and inflammation in your target areas. This is normal, but it can escalate if not treated properly. 

At LaserLab in Lake Mary, FL, we offer swelling muscle treatments to help you get back your athletic performance. You shouldn’t have to take excessive time off from working out or playing sports — and with muscle inflammation treatments, you won’t have to. 

Some muscle swelling causes are more serious than others. Here are the key signs that you need medical attention for muscle swelling instead of just rest and ice. 

Muscle Swelling Causes: Why Does It Hurt After a Tough Workout?

Any activity that puts stress on your muscles can cause muscle swelling and soreness later on. Certain swollen muscle symptoms are considered normal and should be expected after sports and intense exercise. However, when muscle inflammation becomes too intense, you’re at risk for sports-related injuries. 

When you work out or play a sport, your muscle fibers must break down to handle the extra weight and strain being put on them. After these fibers break apart, your body uses amino acids from the protein you eat to repair them. Your muscle fibers come back stronger than ever after most workouts and sports sessions. 

However, sometimes the amount of stress and strain is just too much for your body to handle at once. The following swollen muscle symptoms are cause for concern, indicating that you may have a real injury that extends beyond typical muscle soreness:

  • Limited mobility
  • Extreme muscle swelling
  • Extreme muscle inflammation and redness
  • Inability to work out or play sports for weeks
  • Reduced athletic performance 
  • Extreme muscle pain and soreness that doesn’t go away with rest
  • Throbbing muscles that are hot to the touch

If you experience any or several of these symptoms after an intense sweat session, it’s time to seek swelling muscle treatments. 

Laser Swelling Muscle Treatments

Athletic patients should consider our laser treatments for muscle rejuvenation and repair. We use specialized laser technology to treat the root causes of your sports pain so that you can get back to doing what you love. 

Our high-tech laser targets areas with damaged tissues and stimulates your body’s healing response. This means your body gets to work on repairing your muscles much faster than it normally would. 

Each laser treatment is fully customizable, so you can get the laser intensity that you need. Some swollen muscles with inflammation need more stimulation to recover faster. Others might only need low-level laser sessions to see fast recovery. 

If you need medical attention for muscle swelling, our laser treatments can help. We are passionate about reviving athletes’ healthy tissues — it’s what we do. 

Why Rest and Ice Might Not Be Enough

You’re probably familiar with the common acronym for sports injuries: RICE. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are good ways to repair minor muscle injuries and increase your comfort. However, they don’t treat the root cause of your muscle swelling and soreness. 

Rest and ice are temporary solutions to soothe broken muscle fibers. If you’ve experienced muscle strain or another serious muscle injury, you need more than just cover-up treatments. That’s where laser therapy comes in. 

With our laser treatments for swollen muscles, we rejuvenate your body’s damaged tissues to prepare you for more time in the gym or on the field. You shouldn’t have to take weeks off to rest, recover, and feel better. 

Restorative Muscle Therapies

If our laser treatments are not a good fit for you, that’s okay — we have plenty of other relaxing treatment options. Our revitalizing muscle therapies boost your body’s healing process and help you feel as comfortable as possible. 


Essential oils might help reduce sensations of pain and discomfort when used properly. We offer complimentary aromatherapy to help you relax and get back to your best self after a muscle injury. Muscle swelling is no match for the high-quality decompression we offer through aromatherapy. 

Red Light Therapy

Red light may hold a wealth of benefits for damaged tissues and cells. In our red light therapy beds, all you have to do is lay down and relax. The red light does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Stim Machines

Electrical stimulation machines can help increase blood and oxygen flow to areas that need extra healing in your body. Our stim machines promote better, faster muscle recovery without any hassle. You simply sit down and let the machine do the work. 

Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Oxygen therapy may have notable benefits for muscle recovery and pain relief. Oxygen infusion increases the concentration of oxygen in your body, which has been found to stimulate tissue repair and wound healing. When you’re in lots of pain from muscle inflammation, you may just need some oxygen infusion!

Customized Treatments for Your Athletic Needs

You don’t have to wait around to get back to your favorite activities. We create custom treatment plans for patients of all ages to promote faster muscle healing and recovery. 

We will discuss your medical history, current health, and lifestyle factors to determine what treatments work best for you. The severity of your muscle swelling also plays a role; more severe inflammation may require laser treatments, while minor soreness can benefit from our restorative therapies. 

Promote Faster Muscle Recovery in Lake Mary, FL

At LaserLab, we’re here to give your muscles the TLC they need after tough workouts and intense sports matches. Contact us for your swelling muscle treatments today!

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