Arthritis and Sleep: Tips for Restful Nights and Pain Management

Arthritis and Sleep: Tips for Restful Nights and Pain Management | LaserLab

Living with arthritis pain is more than just having difficulty with everyday tasks that need to be performed during the day. Those with arthritis know that nighttime can often come with the most discomfort and pain. Sleep disruptions are common with arthritis pain and can leave you feeling exhausted and in even more pain the next day. 

At LaserLab™ in Lake Mary, FL, we can offer several helpful arthritis sleep tips along with a revolutionary treatment that can help reduce your arthritis pain both during the day and at night. Our Summus Laser treatments can play a vital role in arthritis pain management, offering relief that can transform your sleep. With our regenerative laser treatments and restorative amenities, we work hard to help individuals with arthritis reclaim their sleep and enjoy healthier, more vibrant lives.

Understanding Arthritis and Its Effects on Sleep

Arthritis is more than just a simple joint condition; it’s a complex disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. The persistent inflammation and stiffness in the joints often lead to debilitating arthritis pain, significantly affecting the individual’s quality of life. One of the commonly overlooked aspects of arthritis is its profound impact on sleep.

With arthritis, the continuous discomfort can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night, leading to irregular sleep patterns or insomnia. Consequently, this lack of sleep can exacerbate arthritis pain, creating a vicious cycle of pain and sleep deprivation.

Poor sleep can also intensify other arthritis-related issues like fatigue, depression, and an overall decreased quality of life. It can also impact the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate itself, which is especially critical for individuals with arthritis. Our arthritis sleep tips alongside interventions like our Summus Laser treatment can help you with arthritis pain management, promoting better sleep.

Creating an Optimal Sleep Environment

When arthritis pain is causing sleep disruptions, it can be helpful to address any other problems that could be contributing to your poor sleep. Make sure you have a comfortable and supportive mattress and pillows that can properly support your spine and prevent pain and stiffness. You can also lower the temperature in your room to between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure that the room is not too humid or dry. Eliminate any distractions by using blackout curtains or an eye mask as well as earplugs or a white noise machine.

Sleep Practices for Arthritis Patients

Once you have the right environment, it is time to look at your sleep practices. You should try to keep a sleep schedule that is as consistent as possible so your body knows when it is time for bed. Try to put your phone away several hours before bed since the blue light from the screen can disrupt sleep patterns. Avoid stimulants and heavy meals close to bedtime and establish a relaxing routine to allow yourself to wind down after a busy day.

Sleep Positions and Supportive Aids

The way that you sleep can have an impact on arthritis pain throughout the night. Adjusting your sleep position and using supportive aids can be an effective arthritis pain relief technique. Your main goal when sleeping is to keep your entire spine straight. This may mean finding a thinner or thicker pillow to straighten out your neck during sleep. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may need to adjust your sleeping position. You may also be able to manage arthritis pain by using supportive aids such as knee pillows or even braces and splints for the affected areas. 

Getting to the Root of Your Pain With Laser Arthritis Treatments

While many of these sleep strategies can help to improve your sleep on their own, the best solution is to target your pain at its source through arthritis pain relief techniques and treatments. One of the most effective treatments for arthritis is the Summus Laser. 

The Summus Laser provides arthritis pain relief by reducing inflammation, encouraging and accelerating the growth of healthy tissue, promoting the repair of damaged tissues, and making the muscles healthy. Many of these effects can either help treat arthritis directly or help to keep it from progressing. 

Unlike certain arthritis pain management treatments such as medications, Summus Laser treatments provide a long-term solution for certain types of chronic pain including arthritis. It works with your body’s healing processes rather than masking symptoms that will simply return when the medication wears off.  

What Are Summus Laser Treatments Like? 

When you schedule laser treatments for arthritis pain relief at our clinic, you can expect a treatment that is designed to promote healing and wellness from beginning to end. Treatments take place on a comfortable and adjustable table with a face cradle for optimal relaxation during each session. We also have oxygen-infused rooms, free aromatherapy, waterfalls, a hydration station, revitalizing music, and more.

During your treatment, you will not need numbing cream or anesthetic because the treatments are pain-free and comfortable. You can expect to feel some warmth as the light energy penetrates deep into your tissues to heal and regenerate them. Some people also feel a tingling sensation that is not uncomfortable. 

The LaserLab Experience for Managing Arthritis Pain

Poor sleep and arthritis pain often go hand in hand, creating a cycle that can be difficult to escape from. By concentrating on creating a relaxing sleep environment and by managing arthritis pain through laser treatments, you can stop the cycle and start feeling better. If you are ready to begin the process, we would love to help at LaserLab™ in Lake Mary, FL. Contact us online or call us today at (407) 440-9011

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