Beyond Medication: Exploring Alternative Pain Therapy

Beyond Medication: Exploring Alternative Pain Therapy | LaserLab

Living pain-free is something that we want for all of our patients at LaserLab™. Unfortunately, many people suffer each day from some degree of chronic or acute pain. Often, these same people have tried many different treatments from over-the-counter pills to prescribed medications and treatments, often with poor results.

Many treatments seek to treat or mask the symptoms of chronic and acute pain conditions without addressing the root cause. The need for alternative treatments that help to heal the body and eliminate the need for pain management medications is increasing with the prevalence of pain conditions.

At our pain therapy clinic in Lake Mary, FL, we use the revolutionary Summus Laser device to provide treatments for patients suffering from pain. Whether you are seeking treatment for arthritis, sports injuries, headaches, tendonitis, or more, laser therapy for pain can offer the relief that you are looking for.

Understanding Chronic and Acute Pain

Acute pain, which is any type of pain that lasts for 12 weeks or less, often stems from a specific incident, such as an injury, surgery, or illness. This type of pain is typically sharp or severe but usually subsides once the underlying cause has healed. Acute pain therapy often involves targeting the specific area of injury or discomfort to promote healing. The body’s natural healing response is engaged, involving inflammation reduction, wound healing, and, ultimately, pain reduction.

Chronic pain can persist for weeks, months, or even years, extending beyond the usual recovery period for an injury or illness. It can be continuous or intermittent and can range from mild to severe. Its origin can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, often making chronic pain therapy more complex. Chronic pain involves a multi-faceted approach, addressing not just the physical symptoms but also potential psychological aspects, such as stress or anxiety, which can amplify the pain.

The Limitations of Conventional Pain Therapy

Conventional pain therapy, while effective for some, presents certain limitations that can hinder comprehensive pain management. Traditional methods primarily involve medication, which may lead to unwanted side effects. Additionally, these methods often provide temporary rather than long-term relief, resulting in a cycle of recurring discomfort. This underscores the need for innovative pain management alternatives that can effectively address both acute and chronic pain conditions while minimizing potential side effects.

Laser Therapy: An Alternative to Conventional Treatments

The Summus Laser is a Class IV laser that is higher powered than other lasers but still gentle enough to use with both children and adults. The increased power of the Summus Laser allows for improved results, especially for problems that are located in deeper tissues throughout the body. The dosage of this treatment is completely customizable, allowing us to treat patients of all sizes and to target both deep and superficial concerns with the same device. 

Laser therapy is an effective pain management alternative because it stimulates positive reactions in the body that can cause healing from the inside out. The red or near-infrared light is directed at the treatment area where the light is absorbed. Once absorbed it can begin to increase blood flow, allowing for more oxygen to reach the cells near your injury or area of pain. It also helps your cells to convert oxygen into energy more efficiently, improving the cell’s overall function, growth, and healing. 

The warming effect of the laser treatment can also help to relax muscles and improve nerve function. Additionally, the treatment can reduce inflammation, which, for many people, is a major factor in their pain.

What Can the Summus Laser Treat?

The Summus Laser offers a pain treatment for individuals seeking acute pain therapy. Sudden injuries such as sports injuries, sprains, or surgical trauma can be treated using the Summus Laser. Often, we can expedite the healing process by reducing inflammation and promoting tissue repair. 

For chronic pain therapy, the Summus Laser can be equally effective. Patients suffering from arthritis, neuropathy, persistent back or neck pain, migraines, TMJ pain, tendonitis, post-knee replacement pain, and other types of chronic pain can experience long-term relief. 

What Are the Benefits of Summus Laser Therapy? 

  • Customizable: Laser therapy for pain provides a customizable treatment. Both the power of the laser and the pulse frequency of the treatment can be adjusted based on the results that we want to see in the treatment area. 
  • Pain-Free: Far from being a painful or uncomfortable treatment, laser treatments with the Summus Laser can be soothing and comfortable. Patients often feel gentle warmth or tingling during the treatment process.
  • Effective: Our lasers work with your body to help restore your health and wellness. The Summus Laser produces measurable results that can be life-changing for a wide range of patients. 
  • Comprehensive: At our clinic, laser treatments are only part of the experience. We offer many regenerative and restorative services and amenities that are part of each alternative pain therapy appointment. From red light therapy beds and stim machines to free aromatherapy and soothing music, each appointment is a time that is focused on healing and restoring your body.

Laser Therapy for Pain in Lake Mary, FL

If you are seeking alternative pain therapy for chronic or acute pain and want something that provides effective results without side effects, you can schedule an appointment at our pain therapy clinic in Lake Mary, FL. At LaserLab™, our practice is centered on getting you the results that you need and helping you to regain your health through laser therapy for pain. You can call us today at (407) 440-9011 to schedule a consultation and develop your customized pain treatment plan.

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